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The transformations we see from start to finish are so amazing that only photos can do them justice. To see the caliber of work that we do, we invite you to browse through our braces before and after photo gallery below. 

Effective Braces for Severe Overbite Treatment

Aditi was concerned about her overbite and the alignment of her teeth, so she came to Team Orthodontics. During her initial consultation, we realized that she had a very deep overbite and it was causing a poor functioning relationship with her back teeth. To fix this, she was fitted with traditional metal braces and limited elastic wear along the side teeth. What resulted was a beautifully balanced smile and a healthy bite that she’ll have for life!

Comprehensive Braces for Bite Correction and Confidence

When Sabrina first came to Team Orthodontics, we knew that she would benefit from traditional braces in more than one way. Dr. Danyluk and his team needed to bring Sabrina’s upper cuspids down and correct her severe overbite to protect the overall health of her teeth. With the help of traditional metal braces, Team Orthodontics gave Sabrina a gorgeous new smile and the confidence to match!

Strategic Braces for Teeth Crowding and Aesthetic Balance

Yoon came to us with perfectly sized teeth; yet her upper and lower jaws were too small to support all of them, creating alignment issues. In Yoon’s case, even expanding her jaw would not have created enough space needed to correct the alignment of her teeth. Instead, Dr. Danyluk and his team moved forward with the removal of four permanent side teeth and fitted Yoon with traditional metal braces. This course of treatment aligned all of her teeth, closed the spaces we created, and achieved a balanced smile width that maintained her already beautiful profile. Team Orthodontics works hard to select the proper individual orthodontic treatment plan for our patients to ensure that excellent facial balance qualities are easily maintained.

Transform Your Smile with Adult Braces in Ahwatukee & Gilbert, AZ

By the time Daniel had decided that it was time to correct his bite and alignment, several members of his family had already gone through treatment with Team Orthodontics. Lingual braces were placed, improving the overall alignment of his teeth and smile profile. We gave Daniel a mini smile makeover by placing braces behind his teeth for a very short amount of time. Not only did this drastically enhance the alignment of his smile, but it also kept him confident and stress-free during his time in braces.

Correct Your Bite Discreetly with Lingual Braces

Andy came to Team Orthodontics with some concerns about the alignment of his bottom teeth and wanted to improve the overall appearance of his smile. With a treatment plan combining upper lingual braces (placing braces behind his teeth) and traditional braces for his lower teeth, Andy was able to continue on in his daily life as an executive without skipping a beat.

Closing Spaces with Lingual Braces

Jack wanted to close the spaces between his teeth and correct his cross bite with the use of lingual braces. By placing his braces behind the teeth, he was able to smile as big as he wanted throughout his entire treatment without worrying about his appearance. Jack now smiles even bigger every day knowing that Team Orthodontics gave him a beautiful, healthy smile that he can be proud of!

Eliminating Crowding with Lingual Braces

Heather wanted to improve the aesthetic alignment of her teeth by eliminating crowding and closing the spaces between her teeth. Dr. Danyluk and his team decided it would be best to put lingual braces behind her teeth so that Heather didn’t have to think twice about smiling day in and day out during her treatment. Now Heather continues to smile every day because of her new smile created by Team Orthodontics!

Invisalign with Lingual Braces

Alexander came to us looking for an aesthetic solution to his orthodontic needs but didn’t want anyone else to notice that he was undergoing orthodontic care. The solution he ultimately chose was Invisalign with a combination of lingual (hidden) braces. During the first few months, we used our expertise in hidden braces in conjunction with Invisalign for his more dramatic tooth movements. We then wrapped up the final stage of his orthodontic care with just Invisalign. This resulted in a handsome, healthy smile for Alexander that was corrected discretely and unbeknownst to his peers.

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