Dr. Ken Danyluk

Dr. Ken Danyluk

Certified Orthodontic Specialist

Dr. Ken Danyluk (or Dr. D as he is affectionately known), is truly ‘unique’. As he will tell anyone who will listen to him, ‘I take what I do seriously, but I really don’t take myself seriously!’ His relaxed and open persona is one of the many qualities patients are drawn to when they visit with Dr. D. Whether it is helping people during an orthodontic visit, or meeting people in the local grocery store or during a family trip (yup, he frequently runs into Team O alumni everywhere he travels), he is always open to a friendly visit and spending time with people. This characteristic has garnered him the affectionate moniker from our team of Chatty Cathy…and he wears that label proudly! Add that in with his hearty laugh and propensity to whistle, and you can always easily locate Dr. D when you are at Team O.

Having practiced as a general dentist for over seven years before returning to post-graduate studies to become a Certified Orthodontic Specialist, puts Dr. D in a rarified company. In addition to being a Board Certified Orthodontic Specialist with the American Board of Orthodontics, he is also a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists. He is one of the few orthodontic specialists in North America who holds this dual distinction. Mix that vast amount of experience together with his warm personality and the love of caring for people, and you have a very unique caregiver for you and your family. That mix has led many patients and doctors, both within and outside the state, to seek out Dr. D’s expertise in coordinating overall patient care.

When Dr. D isn’t creating happy and healthy smiles, he likes to spend time with his wife Jacquie and is selectively acknowledged by the family cats. He also enjoys golf, loves reading, experiencing new places to travel, exercising (with celebrities…those celebrities just don’t know they are working out with Dr. D!), playing guitar, and taking in the company of his great friends. If you are ever curious and want to chat about any of his interests, feel free, but be prepared for some interesting stories!

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